Managing Director of Tania Group

M. Badiuzzaman
Mr. Zaman has laid the foundation of diversified business initiatives and implementation of corporate infrastructures internationally with the vision to improvise the core route of business segments.

Mr. Zaman has a strong international business network and in-depth knowledge in managing financial and economical speculations of the businesses. This is evident in his directorship in the companies under; Tania Group - Tania International, Tania Development, Rajib Enterprises and Asia Pacific Realty Investment in Singapore. These companies have since evolved with possibilities of business opportunities in diversified segments of Financial Services, Trading of Precious Metals of Gold, Silver & Platinum, Export-Import, Food & Beverage, Publications, Real Estate Development and Management in the International Trade Hub of Singapore. In addition, in his latest venture, Mr. Zaman is the Vice –Chairman of Enso Singapore Pte Ltd.

Mr. Zaman has significantly mobilized his business activities using his strong business affiliate network in diversified and potential business areas as the Chairman of Advance Homes Pvt Ltd, a renowned property development business company and a Partner of Advance Corporation. He is the Chairman of Bangladesh Singapore Development Ltd, Bangladesh Singapore Ceramics Ltd, Bangladesh Singapore Investment & Technologies Ltd. He is also the Chairman of Vision Tel and Cloud Tel, its latest addition in International Gateway Services and in the ICX Business in the capital city of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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